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As the years pass some of the greatest games ever made are lost, forgotten or become incompatible with today’s technologies. Santa Paravia en Fiumaccio was one of the very first worldbuilding games and debuted on the TRS-80. There are a few sites online where you can play the original and or adaptations but we wanted to recreate the original game and make it more accessible at the same time. We at Paravia Online have two goals. Re-create the original while fixing some of the original exploits and create a new game based off of Paravia. Give Paravia a try and witness the beginning age of computer gaming.

Game Information

Santa Paravia was created by George Blank for Radio Shacks TRS-80, it made its first appearance in SoftSide magazine in December of 1978. Santa Paravia places you in the position of an ambitious 15th century ruler of an Italian City-State. There are many decisions you must make in ruling your fiefdom to become King. This game centers around the idea of harvesting and releasing grain, you may also purchase mills, granaries, and platoons of soldiers. The original game allowed for 5 hot seat players, however we have adapted it to be played in a multitude of ways. Have fun!

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(c) 2012 Jason Foster, AB and all other respective parties. Paravia and original code (c) George Blank