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As the years pass some of the greatest games ever made are lost, forgotten or become incompatible with today’s technologies. Santa Paravia en Fiumaccio was one of the very first worldbuilding games and debuted on the TRS-80. There are a few sites online where you can play the original and or adaptations but we wanted to recreate the original game and make it more accessible at the same time. We at Paravia Online have two goals. Re-create the original while fixing some of the original exploits and create a new game based off of Paravia. Give Paravia a try and witness the beginning age of computer gaming.
::Two versions of the game currently exist, 'Paravia Classic' - This version is the original game, there are minimal changes such as the ability to disable death, a different interface, but it essentially remains the same.

Paravia Chapters - This is a re-imagining of Santa Paravia. This version includes additional elements such as interactions between rulers and community driven story based content. As time allows, this version will be updated to include additional features.

Good luck, I hope you enjoy.
Jason Foster
Some changes have been made from the original game. I have tried to make the experience the same wherever possible but I have improved upon/changed some items. In the original game there was death, much like many early computer games death was random and frustrating. This among other things I have modified. Please read the list below to view all changes from the original game.
  • Death can be disabled - almost completely random in the original game
  • Music can be enabled - the original game did not have sound
  • Internet Multiplayer/Email to play - original only had hotseat
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